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Hello and welcome to my blog! I am an American in her 20s living in the Netherlands, which is also what I blog about. I currently live in Utrecht, but have also lived and have spent a lot of time in Amsterdam. This little country is my new home!

My girlfriend is Dutch, and I took my first trip to the Netherlands when we started dating four years ago. I was IN LOVE. We spent a week in Amsterdam and then I came back five more times before I decided to pack my bags and move!

My favorite things about living here are the beautiful buildings, canals, and large amounts of of cheese. Other than that, you can learn more about me through my blog posts!

UPDATE: Since the launch of Dutch Americano on YouTube in May 2020, the community has grown to over 3,000 subscribers, and it continues to grow. I couldn’t have achieved this without Tube Buddy. If you’re looking to start your own YouTube channel or would like to grow, get the Tube Buddy browser extension for FREE today using my affiliate link*: https://www.tubebuddy.com/dutchamericano

*By using the affiliate link, you will be supporting the Dutch Americano community at no cost to you! =)

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